Sunday, August 07, 2005

And They Wonder Why...

...we don't trust them?

[[ "...the New York Times has mentioned Martha Stewart* in 16 articles over the last 30 days, some of those in-depth reporting on Stewart and her ongoing legal struggles, but have not managed to put "Air America" and "Gloria Wise" into the same article even one time -- despite the misappropriation of public funds occurring in the Paper of Record's own back yard." ]] (Link to original post from the always-on-the-ball Captain Ed.)

You know... the old media could actually recover some of their WAY GONE credibility by digging into this air-head America scandal. Any blind fool anywhere knows that they would be knee-deep in it if it were a Conservative company involved.

Seriously... no matter how many examples of it we see, day after day, it still shocks the senses when the double standards and hypocrisy is displayed so brazenly.

Here's a great example of it from the incredibly outstanding cartoon, Day By Day by Chris Muir (by the way, if you don't regularly read this comic strip, you are missing out, big time! LINK).


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