Saturday, August 13, 2005

They Need Us...

...a lot more than we need them.

How would the left in this country survive if all the Conservatives suddenly vanished? Yes, I know that sounds a lot like what happened in "Atlas Shrugged"... and, in truth, that is part of what made me think of it. If you stop and consider it, they absolutely could not make it without the Right. Let's try to imagine how it would play out (I'm counting a lot of Libertarians in with us, too).

--The captains of industry who built this country and who keep it operating are overwhelmingly Conservative. Why is this? Well, it's not just because they hate all of us little people. No, they are successful because they have optimism and drive and ambition and, most importantly, values. They believe in their own abilities and goodness, and they also are willing to believe the same about their fellow Americans. Not just the big wigs- the majority of American blue collar workers are just normal, "red-state" living people who do not like big government and the entitlement state of mind.

--Probably the chief value that the truly successful people have is a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. They know that you get what you earn and you earn what you get. If you work hard, you will be rewarded... if you fail, you will not. If you do well, praise will come your way... if you do bad things, you must suffer the consequences. These simple concepts are virtually lost on the far left of today. No one is to blame for anything anymore (except America and white Christian Conservatives, of course).

--No job and no money? No problem- just fill out this form and we'll give you lots of taxpayer money for absolutely nothing... oh, and we'll give you more and more money as long as you keep having illegitimate children. What? Can't read the forms to fill out? Well, that must be because the government didn't give enough money to your school- and if it's because you can't read English, then shame on the government for not printing everything in every language on Earth.

--Wounded in a drive-by shooting, but have no health insurance? We'll handle it... but just so you know, it's because the government won't pay for universal health care like all the other socialist countries. Shot by a homeowner while robbing their house at gunpoint? No sweat- get a lawyer and sue those vigilantes for everything they own.

--Killed your brother and parents in a drug induced crime spree? No problem... it was society's fault. Robbed a bank? Well, that is to be expected when society doesn't value you enough. Been hit with a devastating terrorist attack? It was because your leaders didn't do enough to understand the terrorists.

Starting to see what I mean?

--So, what would happen if most of the people who work and pay all of the taxes that pay for all of that stuff were suddenly gone? Where would the money come from? What would happen to the utilities, the railroads, the airlines, the automobile industry, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum...? Not to mention all of the Christian missions and charities that do the lion's share of taking care of the poor and injured. How about law enforcement, EMS, fire departments, and the professional, volunteer military (yes, the overwhelming majority of them would be gone)?

--I'll tell you... we would suddenly become a third world (fourth, fifth world?) nation. The government would have no choice but to "nationalize" everything... and society would crumble. Mass starvation... criminals completely unfettered... the country at the mercy of any and all nations that wanted to invade (oddly enough, many probably would not want to... with the real source of what they want gone, they wouldn't bother).

Now, let's look at what would happen if the far left suddenly disappeared.

--Hmmmm... tax base is still there... tax revenues are up sharply, due to no welfare... crime is down dramatically... community pride is up sharply... religious freedom actually exists now... vast majority of Americans respect their leaders, and vice-versa... polls show that 95 percent of Americans are optimistic about their future... terrorism is almost extinct, now that no one is protecting terror suspects anymore... movie and music industry suffered for a short time, until the talented Conservaties picked up the slack... charities are less and less necessary as people decide to take responsibility for their own lives... Frivolous lawsuits nonexistent, therefore medical costs at historic lows... Good Lord, even the birds seem happier.

Overall, it looks like the ungrateful, hate-filled TAKERS would not fare so well without the PRODUCERS. You could expand this out and continue it down to the minutia... and it still plays the same. There is no question about it: they definitely need us more than we need them... in fact, we don't really need them at all, do we?

Perhaps this was a bit of an exaggeration...

...but then again, perhaps it wasn't.



Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

"How would the left in this country survive if all the Conservatives suddenly vanished?"

We've already seen this played out in history; its called the Rise and Decline of the Soviet Union. ;)

Pomoze Bog.

Tsar Lazar

14/8/05 15:22  
Blogger kmg said...

That is a most excellent point...

Ironic that our own far left would love nothing more than to see us become the second coming of the USSR.

14/8/05 16:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're seeing it now. They bitch and complain and we rebuild and help out. WIthout us they would be f'ed big time.

1/9/05 15:47  

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