Friday, September 22, 2006

Peace In Our Time?

The answer I have come up with might surprise you.

In spite of some very confused people insisting that islam is a "religion of peace," we know without doubt that this is not true. (By the way, exactly what is a "religion of peace?") Not only is islam preventing "world peace," it is not even at peace with itself.

In these very turbulent times, it is becoming obvious that islam is the pivotal piece of the "world peace" puzzle. If this peace is to ever come, the muslims will have to be a huge part of it- since they are the single greatest obstacle preventing it right now.

However, the arrogance of muslim leaders- for example, the Iranian madman- illustrates that islam plans to have things their way... no matter what it takes. Here is a recent comment from the lunatic:

Asked in an interview with Time magazine why Iran would not suspend (uranium) enrichment as a confidence-building measure, Ahmadinejad said: "Whose confidence should be built? The world? Who is the world? The United States? The U.S. administration is not the entire world. Europe does not account for one-twentieth of the entire world."

You see? They care not a whit what we think. It is a certainty that Iran, and many other islamic countries, are not going to play nicely with the rest of the world. In fact, they are the ones proclaiming this loud and clear.

And here, we see that they refuse to let anyone criticize them:

Call For Ban On "Defamation" Of islam

Then there is the issue of terrorism. The muslim world contends that talking about terrorism makes it worse. (I guess we should pretend it doesn't exist, like clinton did for eight years.) And even when one of our government officials does speak up loudly and strongly against terrorism, too many left-wing people drown out their voice and accuse them of "fear mongering" and "scare tactics."

Furthermore, we know that they will use any and all means to their ends- including using children as bombs.

So... what's a war-weary world to do? Well, I believe that there can be a completely peaceful islam, if we just give them what they want. I admit that it is a somewhat radical and complicated peace plan, but it is possible.

Seriously... perhaps we have come to the point that Deroy Murdock closes this excellent column with:

[[ Throwing olive branches at Islamofascists is beyond futile... ...we might as well cut our losses, hand out the Korans, and start the mass conversions. ]]

For my part here, I will avoid sarcasm and stick to listing only what we know to be the demands and preferences of muslims. Here, then, are the eleven steps to world peace:

1. The United States and all other non-muslim countries must completely evacuate the Middle East. This will include, unfortunately, abandoning all support for Israel. We must roll-up all our toys and just go home.

2. Once back at home, all non-muslim countries must open their borders to any and all muslim immigrants. This must be followed by nullifying any and all "man-made" laws and governments (especially Democracy) and adopting sharia law and clerical rule. Also, all sporting event watching must be severely curtailed and limited.

3. All non-muslims must either immediately convert to islam or pay the jizya tax... or, of course, they can always choose to die, instead.

4. All of the various muslim sects must resolve their differences immediately. Since the sunnis are by far the largest group, the logical resolution is for the other sects to switch to sunni islam- or, barring that, they can always die.

5. The Pope, the Archbishop of Canturbury, Billy Graham, and all other non-muslim religious leaders must convert to islam. If they choose not to, they must cease any and all preaching or spreading of their faith- or, barring that, they, too, can always die (perhaps even by crucifixion, thanks to helpful muslim "clerics").

6. All women worldwide must immediately don a burqa. Then, the women must quit school, if they are a student. The next step is for the women to stop seeing their boyfriends/fiances and marry a muslim male. This will help them learn the next step, which is for them to stop talking and acting as if they matter. Oh, and they must be very, very careful when thinking about participating in sporting events. Finally, when raped, women must take great care to have four male witnesses to the crime, or they will be prosecuted and stoned to death for adultery.

7. All gay people must immediately stop being gay, or die. By the way, this applies to bestiality, too... remember, only female animals.

8. All entertainment industry people must immediately stop performing their craft (especially artists/cartoonists), or die.

9. All television and radio outlets must limit their broadcasts to clerically approved "news" and religious (islamic, of course) programming.

10. All pigs must immediately stop being food and toys and decorations.

Last, but certainly not least:

11. All Jews must die.

Well, there you have it. The only real roadmap to peace. All we have to do is come to terms with the fact that, if we want peace, we have to learn to live under muslim rule. Or, to restate the obvious, we can always die.

Of course, there are some- like a certain Mr. John Burtis- who feel that things have already swung that way...

[[ But for all too many of us - who sit painfully on the sidelines and watch every murder, beheading, cry for more deaths, public stonings, shooting of a nun in the back, arson of a synagogue, fresh demands for the destruction of Israel, the accelerated proliferation of nuclear weapons among the insane, the idolatry of the Islamist visions of Jimmy Carter by the lunatics on the left, the granting of greater rights to the terrorists by our Supreme Court than the Geneva Convention grants these violent bandits, fatwas for the murder of the Pope, the gleeful preaching of genocide by Mr. Ahmadinejad, the latest abject failure of the execrable UN to enforce any written element of resolution 1701 -- it is utterly astounding to finally realize that we are already living under Muslim law. ]]

Come to think of it, I must say that I, for one, do NOT welcome our new muslim overlords.

And you? Are you ready to give them what they want in order to have "world peace?"

If not, you had better saddle up... because they are coming to take it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Sad that your probably right about the only way to get peace. I still have several of those links to read for my homework lol!

23/9/06 08:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That's the most thoroughly constructed, intelligent, informative post I've seen! You rock, KMG!

23/9/06 18:59  
Blogger kmg said...

I know what you're all thinking... and, no, I did not write that last comment!

It just turns out that I'm a hit with the anonymous people...

24/9/06 07:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm only anonymous because I'm to lazy to register! (I was the first anonymous poster here btw)


25/9/06 14:25  

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