Thursday, August 11, 2005

Beyond The Pale...?

Nah... not to the DFL (Deranged Far Left)... just another day at the office for them.

[[ A New York family of five faces eviction from its Manhattan apartment for daring to fly an American flag.

Michael and Deborah Privitello, who celebrated their love for the U.S. by getting married on Independence Day, received a letter signed by landlord Francis Greenburger stating the American flag breached their lease, and they would be evicted should it remain in place
. ]] (Link to story)

You know... I was thinking- an average day for one of them probably looks something like this:

- Wake up to the sounds of "soothing Nature" alarm clock;
- drink a glass of vegan-approved soy milk;
- avoid bathroom where shower is;
- try to turn on air-head America, only to realize it has been cancelled for lack of ratings;
- drive vegetable oil powered car to office;
- evict patriotic American family from their home because they dared to display Old Glory;
- go to protest;
- go to Starbucks;
- go to next protest;
- go to prayer group and spend ten minutes on prayer rug facing the direction of michael moore's house;
- spit on a Christian;
- kick a Jew;
- get ass kicked by large college Republican friend of Christian and Jew;
- stop at Wholesale Art and Framing to pick-up more sign material;
- go to next protest;
- go home and watch O'Reilly Factor;
- wipe spit wads off of TV screen;
- write angry letters and emails to Conservative bloggers;
- go to sleep sucking thumb;
- dream of killing President Hillary Clinton so that Vice President George Soros can assume his rightful place of power.



Blogger Barbara said...

I saw this family on TV last night, and the person representing the company evicting them. You could tell it was like Mrs. Privitello said, 'they want us out because our apartment is worth more money to them now'. I'm sure they'd not pay the couple what the apartment is worth, in order to get them out - just evict them! They say it's the largest apartment in the place.

I pray that these people win their fight with this landlord, who had to have someone else stand in his stead.

11/8/05 20:31  
Blogger kmg said...

Amen, Barbara...

11/8/05 20:40  

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