Wednesday, August 10, 2005

There's A Surprise

Even though it sometimes makes me crazy, I tuned into the O'Reilly Factor for a while tonight... and caught the part about Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a deceased soldier (SEE EARLIER POST).

Turns out she is now a contributor on michael moore's web site.

I'm shocked... shocked, I tell you.

What's that sound? Just the death rattle of the last remnants of any slice of credibility that woman might have had.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Round up the usual suspects"

Nice fun blog you have.

10/8/05 21:17  
Blogger kmg said...

Thanks, stranger... much appreciated!

Kurt G.

10/8/05 21:24  
Anonymous Leland said...

I think you got her number from the start.

11/8/05 11:00  
Blogger Barbara said...

I agree with Leland!

I saw Bill O'Reilly, as well. And, there was another mother, who had lost a son, upset with the President also, but I don't think she ever accused him of 'killing' her son. But, in his questioning of her, he did ask her,which would she support, Michael Moore's views, or the President's. She seemed to skirt the question, saying she didn't know all of Moore's views, but stated, she would contribute to Moore's site as well.

Heaven help anyone who gets mixed up with Michael Moore!

11/8/05 18:54  
Blogger Barbara said...

Just went to MM's site, and this was on the top of first page:

Welcome to Cindy Sheehan's Blog

And, now, there is a link on Michael's site to a domain with her name:

I would suspect that he's paying for this, for it's only lots of information on who to call or contact to try and get the President to meet with her again - also for donations. :)

11/8/05 19:02  
Blogger kmg said...

At least some of us are smart enough to see what's really going on here...

This is surreal... the moonbats haven't swarmed like this since the 2000 elections...

crazy times we're a livin' in...

11/8/05 20:07  

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