Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cool! Now You Can Kill Your Baby...


[[ By month's end, federal health officials will decide whether to let women buy emergency contraception without a prescription — and if so, if the morning-after pill will be treated more like aspirin off the shelf or like cigarettes. ]] (Link to story)

Don't worry, though... the stores will be able to regulate the death pills... sort of.

[[ And if the FDA does allow easier access, the pills probably would come with an age limit — anyone younger than 16 would still need a prescription. So drugstores would have to "card" young customers seeking to prevent pregnancy much as they now check cigarette buyers' ages.

How is unclear. Would morning-after pills sit next to other over-the-counter drugs or condoms? Cash registers could be programmed to block purchase pending an age check. That's doable: Walgreen's, the nation's largest drugstore chain, just last month took that step to prohibit sales to minors of cold medicines containing a sometimes-abused ingredient. ]]

Soooo... a fourteen or fifteen year old girl would "probably" have to get a prescription to murder her unborn child... but the sixteen year old can do it with impunity... Wow... those liberals really are looking out for us, aren't they?

Oh... wait...

[[ Laws in seven states — Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Washington — already allow women to buy Plan B that way, with no age restrictions. Massachusetts is set to become the eighth this fall, as lawmakers are expected to override their governor's veto of nonprescription sales. ]]

By the way, the death drug is called "Plan B". Yep... "Plan B". What the hell was Plan A??? Anyway... the far left doesn't want any sort of age restriction at all on this drug:

[[ Plan B's proponents don't like the age restriction, either, saying teens are most in need of a second chance at avoiding pregnancy... ]]

Ummm... okay... can't argue with that, I guess. Except, of course, to say that if it's the morning after, then it's already TOO LATE!

I can't tell you how much better I feel after reading this article... yep, our country is definitely heading in the correct moral direction. No doubt about it. If we can just let our young girls have sex with impunity and give them unfettered access to abortion pills and clinics, then we will finally have arrived at the top of the moral mountain.

Excuse me... I have to go vomit and cry now.



Blogger Civic Connections said...

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9/8/05 18:17  
Blogger SoundWinds said...

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9/8/05 18:23  
Blogger kmg said...

--Yeah... you guys are right... you found me out... I'm a big fake.

All I care about is life and the memory of fallen warriors. Damn... what a hypocrite I am!

If you two Einsteins had followed the conversation, you would see that I am the one who DOES care about the blood of "full grown" kids... a lot! I happen to have four of them- with one in the Marine Corps.

Yep... you guys are big Michelle Malkin fans... I can see that!

Try being trolls somewhere else... your brand of leftists intellectualism does not reverberate too well with the acoustics of this site.


9/8/05 19:31  
Blogger Civic Connections said...

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9/8/05 19:59  
Blogger kmg said...

Did I really tell her to "shut the hell up because her kid is dead"? Or... maybe, just maybe did you read what you wanted to read in my words? Don't bother answering... I'm only too aware of how you see things.

You want me to be more civil?

Hmmm... you mean like coming to my site and calling me a fake because I do not believe underage girls should have unfettered access to abortion?

You mean civil like that, amigo?

9/8/05 20:11  
Blogger SoundWinds said...

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9/8/05 20:35  
Blogger kmg said...

...yeah... "shut the hell up"... but NOT "Shut the hell up because your kid is dead".

Come on, your side is the one who always goes on about "nuance", right?

She should definitely "shut the hell up"... but not because her kid is dead. She should shut the hell up because she is dishonoring him.

Can't see through the trees, can you?

9/8/05 20:38  
Blogger Civic Connections said...

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9/8/05 21:00  
Anonymous tj said...

Unattached cells? Holy cow! Are you people for real???

Sad but true...you were once "unattached cells" yourselves. Do you wish that you "mother" had chosen the plan B?

9/8/05 23:18  
Anonymous inmypajamas said...

You can't win with "unrestricted abortion at all costs" people - they will fight to defend their right to encourage teenage sex and the disposal of any life created by those interactions by any argument, no matter how shallow.

As an Ob/Gyn RN for 15 years and the mother of a teenager, I can say that providing emergency contraception over the counter is bad policy and worse medicine. Side stepping an office visit removes any chance for a health care provider to correct misuse of birth control that led to the pregnancy or, more like, the opportunity to start birth control period. An office visit also provides a chance to test for STDs and a way to monitor the usage of the meds. What guarantee to we have the the teen will use the emergency meds correctly without assistance? In my experience, very little. Look at what has happened with Ru486 where the required monitoring was side stepped by Planned Parenthood, supposedly the teenager's "responsible" partner in birth control and abortion.

I am no fan of emergency contraception because of its promotion of lazy sexual practices (and I am not alone at all in this in the Ob/Gyn community) but if it is out there, we owe it to our kids and our patients to use it wisely.

10/8/05 07:26  
Blogger kmg said...


Thanks for the comment. I know there is no winning with these people... it just makes me shake my head. I can not, for the life of me, understand why they want these "rights" for children...

As I posted a few days ago- Rush Limbaugh said "Liberalism is their religion and abortion is their sacrament."

That is the only answer... they are religiously zealous about it.

Kurt G.

10/8/05 07:33  
Blogger kmg said...

By the way, thanks, TJ... you're awesome (and I love you!)

10/8/05 07:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is because, wait for it.... sometimes, kids make mistakes. And yes a doctor visit would be much better but no one is stupid or naive enough to rely on Plan B as contraception.
---Educated college female

20/7/06 23:25  
Anonymous Mickey said...

"How would you feel if your mother had chosen Plan B" is NOT a valid argument...if she had, then she had, oh well. It is her choice, you uterus controlling pro-life NAZIS!

20/7/06 23:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abortion makes me hungry.

7/8/08 13:25  

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