Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Howlin' Howie Says...

Whenever I see a story with Howard Dean in the headline, I know it will be a good one. This one was no exception. At first, it sounded like many of his previous rants... but then I realized that he just might have a point this time.

[[ "In his speech Dean talked about the growing diversity in America and how well that diversity meshes with the message and membership of the Democratic Party.

"The face of the Democratic Party is such that it looks like all of America will look in 2050," said Dean."
]] (Link to story)

The "diversity" Dean is talking about is the carefully nurtured disintegration of the foundation of our country. The far left has, for decades, worked tirelessley to ensure that:

1) New immigrants do not learn our language and cultures.

2) Christianity and family values are not universally taught and respected.

3) American sovereignty is not valued and honored over "international law".

This plan has brought us to where we are now- in a country where the mainstream media and entertainment elite have become constant, shrill voices for all things anti-American.

Their plan has also enabled them to portray themselves as the party of the "little people"- no matter how ludicrous that seems when juxtaposed with their filthy rich Hollywood and elitist benefactors.

Soooo... when crazy Howie says that by 2050, the country will look like the liberal party... he just might be right.

I don't think it's too late, though... if we can continue keep them away from the sharp knives of government power for several more years, we just might be able to reverse the trends that they so meticulously started decades ago. To do that, though, a lot more of us normal folks are going to have to start getting a bit fired up and a lot more vocal.


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