Monday, August 08, 2005

Thanks, Michelle Malkin!!

I started this site less than two weeks ago. At first, I wrote only for myself and my family. A few days ago, I invited some other people to look at it. Then, I got a hat tip from Little Green Foolballs and a few hundred people came to visit.

Today, though... today was the day. Michelle Malkin mentioned my site in one of her posts... and well over a thousand people have visited in just a few hours.


A huge thank you to a very, very smart, classy, and kind lady... you're the best, Ms. Malkin!!

Once I figure out some more stuff (like the whole "Track back" thing), I'll really be getting dangerous!

Kurt G.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, KMG...keep the comic strips coming or else I'll never come back. Ha ha ha.

8/8/05 19:51  
Anonymous American X said...

I am very happy for you. Perhaps someday you will get comments from George W. Bush himself. But until then goodluck with you blogging and your website.

American X

8/8/05 20:41  

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