Friday, August 12, 2005

Are The Presses Still Stopped?

Well, I am starting to wonder how we're going to get to the REAL truth of this Able Danger issue. You can actually feel the scrambling coming from Washington and former Clinton Administration personnel... "Hey, buddy, can you spare some Plausible Denial?" "Hell, no! Get your own!"

Remember that the Clinton Justice Department established "The Wall" which REQUIRED that intelligence gathering and law enforcement be kept INTENTIONALLY separate. As ludicrous as that sounds... it is so. As insane as those "rules" were, even they did not apply to Atta and the others, since they were not here on permanent resident visas. In short, those Clinton Administration lawyers INVENTED a rule to keep the military from sharing the information with the FBI.

The net is full of information, of course... as always Michelle Malkin is one of the best places to get the good round up. Here's her post (LINK to original post).



Blogger husker_met said...

A clean wall to spraypaint on! HEE HEE!

The Clinton Administration actively engaged in building a wall between civilian law enforcement and military intel.

I can't specifically blame them other than in hindsight. But to try to blame Bush for the actions of the Clinton Administration, as many on the Left will try to spin this, is just plain ridiculous.

All problems, whether in national security or not, are solved by adressing the root cause of problems and fixing them, as they are. Trying to affix blame with someone in the past never solves anything.

I think I could probably sit and drink beer with Bill Clinton (I KNOW I could chase tail with him). But I have a hard time convicting for just being stupid.

12/8/05 15:23  
Blogger kmg said...

I would agree with that... except that his administration showed nothing but contempt for the military for their whole reign...

I enlisted in 1981- and watched the military recover from Carter... then, after 12 years of being treated and fed properly, we got President Clinton...

Eight years of systematic tearing down...

President Bush inherited a MUCH weaker force than his father left behind.

Anyway... that whole attitude, in my mind, is the single biggest reason why national security faded to the back burner for those eight years. The people working in that administration were, collectively, a bunch of military haters who also had their issues with the cops.

Whether blatantly intentional or just a byproduct of their ineptitude on defense, the result is the same.

12/8/05 15:58  
Blogger husker_met said...

Yeaaaah but...

Clinton inherited a hard fought peace. When someone shows me that he was briefed on the next global conflict being with Jihadism, and then signed off on expanding the wall between civilian and military intel anyway, I will be convinced of his treason in this matter (I'm already convinced of it in other matters).

I just want to be careful not to let my post-9/11 20/20 hindsight write checks that the unfolding facts can't cover.

12/8/05 17:37  
Blogger kmg said...

I would not use the word "treason" in this case.

Again, severe ineptitude and a healthy disrespect for the military and the "establishment"... those are probably the real culprits.

12/8/05 17:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure is quiet in here.

14/8/05 12:46  

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