Saturday, August 13, 2005

And Now, A Word From...

...A former Soldier, speaking about anti-war liberals:

"You don't speak for those of us who wore or wear our country's uniform. And you never will. Before you discovered us as a useful tool, we were all bullies or baby killers from an Oliver Stone fantasy to you. And you loved it because it absolved you of all responsibility to serve your country.

"Now you portray us as helpless victims of American imperialism (although you showed your true colors during the Abu Ghraib affair, when you were delighted to claim that the actions of a handful of renegades exemplified the behavior of our entire military).

"Well, the truth is that you were right about one thing all along: We're not your kind, dahhling. We believe some things are worth fighting for and yes, worth dying for, if necessary. We believe that the United States of America is the greatest force for good in human history. And we're proud of our service, our comrades and the flag you deface to make a fashion statement.

"But we'll defend your right to have your say and live in safety as our fellow citizen. As we have done so many times before, we'll bleed to keep you free to be a fool."

Amen, Brother... Amen.



Blogger Barbara said...

Great words!!

14/8/05 15:08  

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