Saturday, September 17, 2005

And Now, A Word From...

...jane fonda:

"I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become communists."

(I realized that I had not been granting equal time to the other side... so I'll try to let some of their views be known, too.)



Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Well, you know...there's just nothing I can say here that wouldn't have negative consequences on my spiritual journey, so I'll just keep it shut on this one. Had some things to say, but...I'll let it go.

It's all been said before, anyway.

Tsar Lazar

18/9/05 03:38  
Blogger huskermet said...

Say what you will about Jane Fonda's political views, but in some respects she's right.

Before you go apopleptic, read on...

The basic intent of Marxism is not necessarily ignoble: People are equals and work together to ensure everyone has what they need. When you couch it that way, it sounds pretty good, right?

Then you get to how Marxism/socialism/communism actually intends to achieve this utopia.

Inefficient centralized planning, repressive coercion to force participation, destruction of dissent, etc.

Further if you look at the practical matters of operating a large socialist state, it gets worse. Small groups can institute communism, but past about 10 people, the ability of the group to maintain oversight over leadership gets progressively worse (no pun intended).

Ultimately, socialists ignore the single overriding theme in all of history, while claiming to be a historical paradigm. That overriding theme is this: The individual's innate desire to stand above the pack, whether through achievement or possessions, is what drives progress. While you have some who are content to be part of the herd, everyone has some degree of hardwired desire to excel above his neighbor, and that innate desire is the driver of history.

Call it greed, ambition, competitiveness, whatever. We all have it. Socialism gives no outlet for this natural human tendency, and thus lapses into corruption and mismanagement.

Liberals like Jane Fonda cling to the childish utopianism aspects of socialism, even when confronted with the much more harsh realities and natural tendencies.

Sure I'd like everyone to work together for the common good, but unfortunately, mankind isn't built that way (outside the gates of Eden).

Looks like Fonda and Marx will have to wait for the afterlife to achieve the socialist dream. Although I for one don't plan on seeing them where I intend to spend it.

18/9/05 07:48  
Blogger kmg said...

I believe that a capitalistic democracy acheives "the common good" a lot more effectively than any other style of government/society. I find nothing noble in forced equality.

The right answer will always win- the basically unjust can't work and will always defeat itself. The only way to unleash God's justice is to let men find it themselves and then strive to be their very best in His plan.

Anything else is just silly.


18/9/05 08:10  
Blogger huskermet said...

In the end, what works best is what isbest.

Socialism, while perhaps established on moral theory, has been proven not to work in practice.

The whys and wherefores of socialism's failure are only important in explaining how a move toward it (as in Liberalism) invites disaster.

I think ultimately that this is why some people tend to be Conservative and some tend to be Liberal. It's not that the fundamental tenets of Liberalism are so abhorrent (government is there to help people, people should work together for the common good, etc.) but that in practice, Conservativism is a more realistic, if pragmatic, approach.

Of course, as has been demonstrated, Liberalism doesn't achieve what it claims it will achieve. In fact, it exacerbates most problems.

This is where my personal disdain for Liberalism comes from. If you know something doesn't work, that it makes things worse, and yet you continue to do it, are you not your own worst problem?

18/9/05 11:06  
Blogger Barbara said...

As much as I loved Henry Fonda and 'On Golden Pond' which Jane also played, she makes me sick!

If she so wants to be a communist, why doesn't she relocate to a communist country? She probably wouldn't be missed.

18/9/05 20:09  
Blogger Barbara said...

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18/9/05 20:12  

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