Monday, December 25, 2006

Silent Night...

Getting ready to hit the rack... the girls are all tucked in and Santa will be here soon.

I talked to my Mom earlier... my son is there with her in Colorado. My eldest daughter is in Southern California-- the first time she hasn't been with us for Christmas.

I miss them. Very much. Christmas is supposed to be shared with your family... but part of mine is very far away.

The good news is that we will all be together next week... and that is definitely something. I will be very happy for that when it happens.

For tonight, though, I am going to mourn just a bit. I'm going to mourn the loss of the past, and I'm going to mourn the absence of two of my children. Just a bit, though... just a bit.

Maybe I'll also...

...celebrate all the memories I have from past years. I think I'll remember how incredibly nice it was for all those years to have us all together. I think I'll laugh when I recall the silly Christmas shows the kids put on for us (and still do). I think I'll smile when I picture the looks of expectation... followed by the looks of happiness when the wrapping paper came off. I know I'll feel warm when I remember the midnight masses and Christmas morning services at St. Jude's with Father Peter. I will also never forget all the phone calls back home to Colorado to talk to Grandma's and Grandpa's on Christmas... passing the phone around and listening as the litany of presents was relayed. The dinners will always be fresh in my mind, too. So much laughter and light to look back on.

You know...

Mourning is all well and good, but I think the scales are tipping toward celebration and happy memories.

I am blessed and I choose to focus on that.

We miss you, Arthur and Jessica... aaa-lot. But you are with us tonight in our hearts-- just as you will always be. No distance can take that away.

Merry Christmas and may God Bless us all.



Anonymous maverick73 said...

Amen, Gunny...Amen!

I know I'm going to loath the day that my children walk out the door as adults, but I hope and pray that, when they do, they are respectful, responsible, honorable and productive members of society; the same as I aspire to be every day I wake up to face a world run-amock with all sorts of demons and temptations. If they can wade through the evil of the world, and come out winners in their own right, I'll know that my wife and I did good, and then I will be the most content with my life, as well as my family's role in the world. That, I believe should be the goal of every parent, but sadly, there are too many that either don't care, don't have the time to be bothered with it, or don't have the patience to really be a part of the lives of their own flesh-and-blood; the lives they helped create.

That I believe is the core of the major troubles in our country today...we don't have the time, to take the time, and really focus on what is important: the children we create; the future.

Now I'm not a "perfect" example of the "great parent and model citizen," but, like many of us, I try to do the best I can; I feel that's what every parent should do when it comes to child rearing. No more, no less: Just simple try. Spend some of your "busy" time with your children, while you can...because after all, they ARE the future of this country, and without them, we have absolutly nothing to look forward we?

25/12/06 02:02  

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