Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Outraged Is Me

I am getting really, really sick of these "patriots" and their subversive crap.

Okay, I understand that the moonbats have the Constitutional right to protest the war... and that their big "peace" protest last weekend was beautiful and fulfilling and all that. I even get that all the hollywood ass-hats use events like that to get some much needed attention.

No problem. That's how the anti-American left operates.

I get it.

What I do not, and WILL NOT, get is how the Capitol Police could be ordered to withdraw and let the anarchist idiots deface the United States Capitol building.

For the record, the average Capitol policeman is livid over this. They did not want to give ground to scum like that.

Anti-War Protestors Deface Capitol Building

Here is Michelle Malkin's post on the protests, including the embarrassment at the Capitol.

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