Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Her Biggest Fan

This is from my talented and beautiful Anna, who, in her eleven years has managed to become an accomplished dancer, writer, reader, video game expert, fashion icon, and now... poet.

So, with no further ado-- and with her full permission-- I give you:

Summer's End

Summer's end has come so soon,

The bees are gone, the flowers swoon.

The snow will fall and kids will play,

Out in the cold on a pale, white day.

The leaves are gone, the trees are bare,

The sun is dull, the moon will flare.

The stars shine bright, up high in space,

The cold is overwhelming, in every place.

We miss the summer:

The wide blue sky,

With colors all over,

And birds flying high.

When the sun hits our cheeks, and green's all around,

With soft fertile soil, and a rich flowing ground.

But now that winter's come again,

We realize that it's summer's end.



Blogger saj said...

What a beautiful poem. I can't believe that Anna is only 11!

24/3/07 05:01  
Blogger Harriet P. said...

Anna, I love your poem! How did you learn to write like that at your age?? It really touched my heart. You have a true gift!!

24/3/07 10:29  
Anonymous Mike C said...

You are very talented young lady. I wish I could write poetry like yours.

24/3/07 16:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Anna! I don't read much poetry but I sure liked your alot!

Sgt V. USMC 79-85

24/3/07 22:12  

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