Monday, April 30, 2007

If You Read Only One Interview Today...

...let it be this one.

Football Player Turned Marine Talks About His Service

What a guy... time was when almost all of our athletes would have been enlisting in the service...

Woe is us...



Blogger Barbara said...

Great interview. It is sad that the media and the liberals talk about how bad the war is and don't give young men like this Marine the praise that they deserve. I didn't see anyone making this fine young man sign up. No, he chose to do what he thought was right, as many of our young men/women do today. They want to serve for their country, even in war time! Looks like the media and liberals would figure this out!

30/4/07 17:59  
Blogger kmg said...

I think they have figured it out, Barbara... they just don't care because it does not match their world-view.

There are a thousand great stories in Iraq for these media jackals, if they would only go after them. Unfortunately, they choose to continue with the story line of defeat.

Great to hear from you again, by the way!

1/5/07 05:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they tell anyone how good our servicemembers are then that is like admitting that there is somethingg good about the war and they wont ever do that!


1/5/07 12:29  

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