Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This Is Progress??

You know, I have a fifteen-year-old daughter...

These people are monsters. I mean that in every sense of the word. I believe they are doing the devil's work each and every day... one murder at a time... equalling millions upon millions upon millions of dead babies.

This time, though, they can't hide behind laws that protect the killing of innocent children. This time, they got caught doing something they do every day.

This time, someone better hand it to them.

Planned Parenthood Shines Again

Monsters... dirty monsters.



Blogger Idyllwilde said...

Yes, this is Western Cultural progress. 'Might equals right' is what we are looing at in its most grotesque form. Would that 'Right' had any place in our society...although it seems that people are starting to wake up. It's a shame that we have had to go so far down into the sewer before people realized that we are drowning in our own filth.

There is hope. The fact that Fox News has come so far in routing the liberal agenda is, in itself, a sign of turnabout. And only in turnabout can there be fair play.

15/5/07 06:36  
Anonymous Mike said...

I think we'll have to go even farther into the sewer befor we crawl out. Theres hope but also alot of bad bad signs!

15/5/07 18:40  

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