Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blame-Game Still Backfiring For Liberals

Via Ms. Malkin:

[[ In the wake of Hurricane Betsy 40 years ago, Congress approved a massive hurricane barrier to protect New Orleans from storm surges that could inundate the city.

But the project, signed into law by President Johnson, was derailed in 1977 by an environmental lawsuit. Now the question is: Could that barrier have protected New Orleans from the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina?

"If we had built the barriers, New Orleans would not be flooded," said Joseph Towers, the retired chief counsel for the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans district.
]] (LINK to story)

Should be fun to see them spin this one...



Anonymous Tsar Lazar said...

Another classic example of the enviro-mentals doing their best to push American civilization back into the Paleolithic era.

10/9/05 15:03  
Blogger kmg said...

The joke is on us, though... because, as sure as night brings darkness, they will blame Conservatives for everything- in spite of puny facts.

10/9/05 19:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Facts are puny to them. THey're on a roll to get president Bush and nothing is going to stop them.

10/9/05 21:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh ... facts may well be puny to them, but they are a small, if noisy, minority. Most of the population has no trouble recognizing the truth, if it can but be brought before them. Reality has an obnoxious habit of winning in the long run ... :-)


10/9/05 22:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve, reality and truth have got to win out. Otherwise we are all in big trouble. That "noisy minority" also controls the media in this country. I'm worried.

11/9/05 00:28  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Anon., you ought to try living in CA like I do; the Legislature here bends over forwards for any environ-mental group that bitches. They are (and have been for some time) running scared of the Sierra Club, the EDC, and various other groups, and because of Sodom (SF) and Gomorrah (LA) they have a lot of weight when it comes to environ-mental regulation.

For example: one of the largest oil reserves in the world is under the Santa Barbara Trench about 15 miles off the coast. Because of the environ-mentalists, however, the oil companies have spent 25 years JUST TO GET PERMISSION TO DO EXPLORATORY DRILLING. As it is, the State Supreme Court shot down their suit to do so on a technicality about a month ago, setting back their attempts by about 5 years. Meanwhile, the energy needs of CA and the country grow exponentially.

Another example: an eviron-mental group is actually protesting a proposed SoCal WINDFARM because it would have a "negative visual impact" on a preserve for the state flower, the California Poppy. You just can't negotiate with these regressive SOBs---their main goal is to prevent energy production at all costs.

So, you are justified in your fear.

Tsar Lazar

11/9/05 19:22  

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