Saturday, September 17, 2005

Good News? Are You Crazy??

In the midst of all the political acrimony, it is all too easy to overlook the truth on the ground. We had people kicking a** down there. Period.

Katrina, What Went Right



Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Damnit, kmg, just when I'm feeling good you piss me off. I've spent the last how many hours with wood-barbecued tri-tip, good company, and a lot of Dos Equis, and now this.

I'm pissed because I feel like I fell for a bulls--t line. I try very hard not to allow the media to jerk me around, and yet I feel like I've been had on the Katrina story. So there wasn't total chaos down there, even among the sad-sacks in NOPD. There were folks getting saved---a lot of 'em. And brave people who never made the media headlines stepped up and did their jobs, and people are alive because of it. Remember the posting on the SAS officer's obit? This was one of those unsung times for a lot of good people, I think. A pity all of the crap has been smeared over their efforts, at least in the eyes of men.

I have a fantasy about this. Try this:

Cindy Sheehan chose to visit friends in NO two days before Katrina hit. Since we know she would never be found in the affluent, White part of town, she finds herself on a nearly-swamped rooftop after the levees break. Things look really grim; if not drowning, then dehydration and possibly starvation.

Suddenly, the sound of rotors seems to drift out over the flood, and hope awakens in her mind. Within a minute, a haze-gray chopper soars into view, with the muted letters "USN" clearly visible on the tail assembly. She stands and gesticulates wildly, and the 'copter comes in close and hovers within rescue distance of her tenuous rooftop.

For the Squid on the horse collar, it's just another A/S rescue. But as he looks down, he recognizes the Banshee from the thousands of photos he was bombarded with in the MSM for a month. He knows the shame and dishonor she's been defecating on the military and on his CIC. For a brief flash, he wonders if he should tell the LT who she is and why they should leave her in the drink, but it's a brief flash only. After all, she's just a sad mom who needs help too. He lowers the horse collar, and they pull her aboard. Later, he gives her a hand as she steps on to the deck of the USS Bataan. She turns and looks at him, but says nothing, although there seems to be something new in her expression. The Squid doesn't say anything, just a small nod and a thumb's-up, and then they lift back into the air for another run, although the crew is tired as hell...

Unfortunately, this is just a late-night-after-too-many-brews fantasy.

Tsar Lazar

18/9/05 03:32  
Blogger kmg said...

...but a nice one...

18/9/05 08:02  

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