Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hey, France, We Have That, Too...

...only we call it "welfare." Turns out that it's a pretty bad thing to get involved with... it leads to very nasty things and tends to become ingrained in society and carried on for generations.

France Offers Incentives to Parents

[[ France announced financial incentives Thursday for parents to have a third child, hoping to boost its fertility rate by helping people to better juggle the demands of work and family life.

A new measure will award $916 a month to parents who take one year's unpaid leave from work after the birth of a third child, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin announced at the close of a national conference on families
. ]]

The "demands" of work and family life? Are you serious? They already get nine weeks vacation over there! Geez...

Apparently, they are starting to face the fact that muslims will soon outnumber them in France and all over Europe. So the world suddenly finds itself asking the unthinkable: how can we *shudder* make more Frenchmen?

Seriously, maybe someone should suggest that they get control of their rampant abortion situation... simple math says if you stop killing babies, that will solve your population problem.

Oh, wait... that's stupid American cowboy Conservative math... sorry.



Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

It won't work; too many Frenchmen are either homos or have all of the sex appeal of Inspector Clouseau.

Tsar Lazar

22/9/05 08:48  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Needless to say, if the French concentrated on making decent beer instead of all that fuitcake grapejuice they are famous for, they'd be a bit more potent. Maybe that's why they've been rolling over in the face of enemies for some time now...

Tsar Lazar

22/9/05 08:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wine does tend to make one more apt to sleep than to wage war.

22/9/05 09:55  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

OT, but I'm home on Sick Call today, so I was doing something I almost never do---watching TV. Besides the usual perversion and slop, I found a great show on the History Channel I've never seen before: "Mail Call." Too cool. Hosted by Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey, USMC (Ret.) of "Full Metal Jacket" fame, I knew it was going to be a good show when it opened with him screaming into the camera, "For the next 30 minutes, your butts are mine!!!" Only I've been watching it all morning---awesome military and hardware history, everything from silencers to a short-lived USMC Airborne Battalion during WWII. The only show I've ever seen the host refer to his audience as "maggots." :) When going on a commercial break, he yelled, "Put down that can, maggot!! Mail Call will be back!" That endeared the show to my heart forever; a man who recognizes that most of his audience are doing 12 oz. curls as they watch...

I highly recommend this show if you haven't seen it, particularly tomorrow night (9/23) at 10pm---"Mail Call: Live from the Gulf." I can't wait.

Tsar Lazar

22/9/05 12:51  
Blogger huskermet said...

Actually, I have to disagree...

Europeans in general are not getting it on enough. The birth rate is way down among native Euros, and skyrocketing among recent immigrants.

In order to keep these immigrants, who mostly come from the Middle East from using the system to just take over, we need more little Pierres and Ingas.

Also, the whole socialist economic system is apt to come to a very rapid and painful end if the next generation is smaller than the last. Even though ending socialism is good, history has demonstrated that an all at once collapse is not so good.

So, big picture, it maybe isn't a bad thing to offer incentives for procreation. And it would have to be a pretty sizeable amount to overcome the French stink-like-ass factor.

22/9/05 14:27  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze bog.

"Europeans in general are not getting it on enough. The birth rate is way down among native Euros, and skyrocketing among recent immigrants."

Husker, aside from the problem of Euro males becoming a culture of "metrosexuals" (except, perhaps, the Italians), the problem isn't sex. The problem is the Myth of Sex Without Consequences.

Birth control and the no-risk idea of unmarried, childless-for-life career couples have occupied Europe far more effectively than the Nazis ever did, even in the nominally Catholic countries. Spain has gone down the toilet since Franco died (one of the few Fascists I've ever liked), and France and Austria have been effectively neutered from a religious standpoint. Even Italy is sliding into secular moral squalor, especially in the Northern regions, and Greece is starting to slip, as well.

So the problem, all jokes aside, is not fecundity; it is a lack of familial values. For better or worse, Muslims, in their way, have strong family values and a general distrust of birth control. Of course, when some of them marry 9-year-olds birth control is a superfluous notion, but on the whole they tend to value large families.

So, Eurabia is well on the way, and I think the process is already too far along to remedy without drastic measures. What form those measures should take, I don't know. I've seen many suggestions, but most are at best non-viable and at worst akin to the infamous "Final Solution."

Tsar Lazar

22/9/05 16:54  
Blogger huskermet said...

Actually, I may have overstated my position in my natural tendency to comment on French hygiene.

Tsar is right: Frogs are getting it on, but they aren't reproducing.

Most studies and historical data tend to put religion (read: birth control use) as only a supporting factor. The largest predictor seems to be affluence, as measured by per capita GDP.

In other words, rich countries are more inclined toward a decline in birth rate than poor countries, regardless of religious preference.

Look, for example, at the differences in birth rate between the Catholic Republic of Ireland (declining or holding at replacement rate) versus the Catholic Phillipines (general increase).

Even in the US, rich Boston Catholics have fewer children than poor Hispanic Catholics.

So Tsar, I gotta disagree: This is only tangentially about European moral decline. It plays a part, but religiosity is not the best indicator of birthrate.

Europeans, like other affluent societies, just tend to procreate less for the same reasons that all affluent societies (including the US) tend to procreate less. I don't know if anyone has ever put their finger on the exact causality for that. I have some suspicions, but they are perhaps a little blue to go into here.

Anyway, over time, socialism as practiced in Europe will not be able to self-correct for demographic change. Either Euro-muslims or Euro-free marketeers will emerge on top, and probably not before a massive socio-economic crash.

This month's Scientific American has a short piece on declining Western birthrate, what its going to do short-term, and what will eventually be the outcome. Too long to go into here, but the news isn't all bad.

In fact, the studies cited suggest that Western motherhood may be on the verge of a comeback in a generation or so. I would add that along with motherhood, there is a good chance that morality will follow close behind.

23/9/05 00:52  

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