Friday, September 23, 2005

Through The Bias, There Is Light

I have developed a new reading skill. I skim news articles and look for the between the lines truths that might be there- all the while my brain is editing out the anti-American and Bush-bashing trash that is definitely there. I'm becoming accustomed to their bias so much that I seem to take it like television commercials now... just something to be tolerated.

Even when they try to report good news, the old media types can't help themselves. This article is full of good news- always followed with the ubiquitous "BUT." Good Lord, it will be a wonder when we finally win this war- the media is doing all they can to help the bad guys.

Anyway, here's one such story, chock-full of spiteful liberal propaganda and doomsaying. Try to wade through the bad stuff and find out what good things are happening.

Army Sees Signs That Insurgency Is Ebbing

[[ "If on Monday there is one bomb and no one gets hurt, and we open two refurbished schools, that's a victory," he said. "And that's what's happening. Of course, there are setbacks, but we've built up an irreversible momentum here."

Despite the frequency and regularity of roadside booby traps -- IEDs, or improvised explosive devices -- Muqdadiya, with some 200,000 inhabitants, is free of the overwhelming sense of anarchy that afflicts vast swaths of the country, including the nearby city of Baquba.

"...vast swaths..."?? There are problems in Iraq, to be sure, but only in three of eighteen provinces! It seems like it is everywhere because our beloved media is making sure that only the bad stuff gets out! It is very similar to how they crop the photos of mother moonbat's rallies to give the impression that there are more than 29 people there.




Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

"all the while my brain is editing out the anti-American and Bush-bashing trash that is definitely there"

Sheesh, kmg...what's the trick? Whenever I try to do that all I see is blank pages...

Tsar Lazar

23/9/05 08:35  
Blogger Tsar Lazar said...

Pomoze Bog.

Wow...great article, kmg. It gave me some real hope that maybe---just maybe---the Iraqis will not become some sort of Sharia state.

"Cloutier credits the local Iraqi army battalion, the police force and community leaders for the relative stability. "They're not waiting for Baghdad to do everything for them," he said. "This is just people quietly and courageously getting on with building a future. The truth is, if we left here tomorrow, that process would continue. They don't need us -- they're doing it themselves."

Contrast this with the response by LA local and state leaders in re Katrina and their whining about the Federal response. Its a good thing there aren't many liberals in Iraq, or we'd never be able to leave...

Glass Full Update: 65%

Tsar Lazar

23/9/05 08:40  
Blogger kmg said...

Woo-hoo!! I've cracked the previously impenetrable facade of Tsar's skepticism on Iraq!!

(Sorry... but small victories are still victories!)

23/9/05 09:21  

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