Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hey, Republicans! Are You Listening?

I am a pretty good judge of people, and Newt Gingrich has always struck me as a very, very smart man and a visionary. I know him to be a student (and author) on military history, and he is definitely wise on matters of politics and statesmanship. He is one of those people that we should all listen to when he speaks.

Well, Uncle Newt returns this week with a very substantial essay, instructing the Republican congress on how best to proceed in the coming weeks prior to election day.

To sum it up, he is telling the GOP to give the voters a choice.

[[ The elite media are giddy with anti-Republican euphoria. Their coverage has not been this biased against Republicans in three decades.

The Democrats are excited and convinced they will win a big victory.

Republicans are worried, demoralized and confused. I have been in eight states recently and the mood is similar everywhere.

Yet, an election is a choice between two futures. By simply comparing the positions of each party based upon historic facts, the choice of the desired future will become clear to the majority of the American people. And that choice is neither one in which Democrats celebrate nor Republicans concede.

Here is the choice for 2006. ...

This absolutely should be required reading for every, single Republican member of Congress. Please go and read it all:

In a Free Society, Campaigns Matter: The GOP Must Give Voters a Clear Choice



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