Sunday, October 15, 2006

Loyal Opposition? democrats??

That is beyond laughable.

Here's a great column on how the democrats have destroyed every opportunity to do the right thing for the country- simply because they are having childish tantrums at being out of power.

[[ The 18th century British statesman Edmund Burke observed, "Those who have once been intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though for one year, can never willingly abandon it."

This truism was echoed by James F. Byrnes, Supreme Court justice and Harry Truman's Secretary of State, in 1956, when he noted that "Power intoxicates men, it is never voluntarily surrendered."

This explains the reason behind the brutal attacks by the Democrats since the elections in 2000, and 2004. They were so intoxicated with power by having ruled the Congress - not for just one year - but for most of the 20th Century, they were incensed with having lost both elections - and more importantly both houses of Congress - that they were incapable of being the loyal opposition.

It's a good one... please read it all.

Their Intoxicating Power Lost, democrats Now Only Complain



Blogger saj said...

oops, I'm reposting...

The atmosphere is so poisoness right now. I even need to stay away from my parents as much as possible because they can't stop from discussing politics. If I want to have a relationship with them, we need to avoid that subject. Last night my father started in on how the oil companies were lowering the gas prices to get the Republicans elected and he said that I needed to wake up to that. God I feel like banging my head against the wall! My father watches keith olbermann for pete's sake. How do you have an intelligent conversation with someone who watches keith olbermann?! I believe in honoring your parents, and believe me, I am trying. I keep my mouth shut as much as I can, but it's hard. It's really sad when it comes down to avoiding your own parents because of the poison.

15/10/06 15:20  
Blogger kmg said...

I feel your pain and I think lots of other people do, too, SAJ.

15/10/06 20:22  

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