Thursday, October 12, 2006

Are They Starting To Wake Up?

Maybe a little... but the jury is still out as far as I'm concerned.

Many of us have been wondering for a long time when the liberals and feminists would realize that islam is profoundly antithetical to their ideas and lifestyles. In fact, feminists and liberals would be among the very first into the gas chambers and stoning pits if (or "when," if you're pessimistic) islam takes over the world.

Finally, we see a woman face up to this issue (at least a little bit).

[[ We are on the wrong track if we believe that veils are a religious issue. They're not. Like fat, they're a feminist issue. The clothes that women wear, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, are a powerful political statement about where they're at; about the amount of freedom, self-esteem or independence they possess.

The veil which covers the face, the niqab, is an enormously potent symbol of subjugation to a (male-controlled) religion. It is what Muslim men want. It is about control of women; about forced chastity. The veil sends out a very clear message that the woman behind it abides by the conventions of the Muslim faith; that she places the approval of men above her own self-expression.

I was with her for most of her column... and then she did what they always do: she played the dreaded moral equivalence card. She just had to slip to the usual liberal tactic of saying that all religions are bad and Christianity is basically the same thing as islam. Check out this grabber:

[[ When religions are run by men (and show me one that isn't) all the evidence points to the fact that they will use anything they can - dress, custom or theology - to subjugate women and control their sexuality. They want to remove individuality. Their end game is symbolised in the anonymity of the nun's habit or the burqa. They want women as submissive, unseen and unheard as possible. ]]

That is just about as full of crap as any statement I've ever seen. Comparing a Catholic Nun and the clothing she CHOOSES to wear to a subjugated muslim woman is the height of idiocy. Okay, perhaps she is not an idiot... maybe she is just completely ignorant of exactly what role Nuns play in the Catholic Church.

"Unseen and unheard?" Really? Why, then, are our Nuns highly educated and placed in positions of great authority at teaching institutions all over the world? Why was Mother Teresa one of the most "seen and heard" human beings of all time? Because the Church was "subjugating" them? Tell me something else- when was the last time you heard of a Nun being killed or threatened with death by other Catholics for not wearing the correct clothing? And get this, smart one: Nuns sometimes choose to leave their orders and return to secular life. Can muslim women choose that? Can they?? Let me answer that for you... no, the can't.

Liberal stupidity and vile Christian bashing. That is all we will ever get from these people... even when they are seemingly pushing back at islam.

Fools... all of them.

Anyway, here's the whole thing if you want to read it.

Why The Veil Is a Feminist Issue



Blogger saj said...

"When religions are run by men (and show me one that isn't)..."

The Church of Orthodox Feminism maybe?

12/10/06 14:11  

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