Monday, October 09, 2006

Moonbats Can't Compute Self-Defense

This would be funny if it weren't so sad. A man with a legal permit to carry a gun uses it to defend himself from a vicious attacker-- all in front of several witnesses. You can feel the writer's cognitive dissonance as he tries to explain that it was actually legal for the man to defend himself.

That this happened in the great moonbat sanctuary of Seattle is the driving force behind the confusion. In Texas, this would have been a "ho-hum" story... or, more likely, uses as a motivational tool for citizens.

Man Defends Self, Public Baffled



Anonymous maverick73 said...

Let me see if I got it right: the VICTIM handed the police the GUN, AFTER being SHOT by ANOTHER MAN, and told the officers "I DID THIS"?
Am I missing something, or is the writer an idiot, who can't get the story or facts straight? HELP! I AM FREAKIN' LOST HERE!

9/10/06 05:47  

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