Sunday, October 08, 2006


Here's a nice Sunday piece about how the Pope is pushing for a return to family and family values. What an old fashioned idea!

Whether or not you are Catholic- or even Christian- you cannot argue that he is right. Our world is turning into a sorry, sorry place... and it is mostly because we have turned our backs on our traditional values.

Pope Urges Couples To Back Family Values



Anonymous maverick73 said...

As an agnostic conservative, I must say: I agree, Iagree, I agree whole-heartedly with what Pope Benedict XVI said.
Family values & cohesion are endangered, yet vital to a emotionally healthy and stable society.
The sanctity of marrage between a man & a woman is being challanged, and we traditionalists are, sadly, loosing the battle against the trend of "political correctness" and liberal fascism driving it!
Bill O'Reilly is absolutly correct when he says that the traditionalists are loosing the culture war to the secular-progressives.
Our Judeo-Christian roots are fast becoming a distant memory. The core of everything that is America is becoming unrecognizable in main-stream society and we don't seem to have any ideas of how to salvage and maintain them. What are we to do? We can't just lay down and die! If that happens, then America is destined to parish from this earth...

8/10/06 19:19  
Blogger kmg said...

We cannot let that happen, Maverick...

9/10/06 04:48  

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