Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our Youth

This is just very, very sad. We are allowing this to happen all across America... these kids have nothing but rap "music" to live for (and, of course, die for)?

"Rap Battle" Leads To Shooting Death

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this could have happened in the 50's with kids having an "Elvis" battle.

We are in serious trouble.



Blogger warhorse said...

Obviously, Mr. Jones was merely acting out his rage due to his long opression by the evil forces of the patriarchy, and would be terribly insensitive of us to judge him for it. Plus he was temporarily insane because that same evil patriarchy had heartlessly cut him off from his meds in order to give a tax break to rich white men. And he's been abused by his parents since infancy, so we really shouldn't expect him to know any better ... Oh, and did I mention that he has just found Jesus, and is deeply and sincerely remorseful for his actions?

... did I hit all the talking points?

5/10/06 16:49  
Blogger kmg said...

Perfect, Warhorse! You covered them all.

6/10/06 05:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well he could go to REHAB because he didn't get DELIVERED from his problem when he got SAVED.

7/10/06 09:35  

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