Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hopeless Cause Watch

I admire her efforts... but, even a tried-and-true optimist like me knows they are doomed to failure.

[[ A survivor of Islamic Jihad in the 1970s is challenging Muslim Americans who reject radical teachings to "raise their voices" and to hold demonstrations in public venues across the country denouncing violent behavior.

She took the opportunity to call on moderate Muslims in the U.S. to take better advantage of the constitutional freedoms that are not available to like-minded moderates in the Middle East.

"This is the only country in the world where they (moderate Muslims) can march in the streets, where they can demonstrate and speak out without being intimidated by radicals. I can understand why they cannot do it in places like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Syria and Lebanon," Gabriel said. "But there is no excuse why Muslims in the U.S. cannot take to the streets and rally and send a message to the radicals in the Middle East."

Yes, Ms. Gabriel, there certainly is an "excuse" why American muslims won't "take to the streets" against radicalism. Actually, there are two excuses: 1) They support it - and/or 2) They are justifiably afraid of the violence that would come to visit them if they dared open their mouths against jihad.

I really hope she continues her campaign, though... she sounds like a very intelligent woman who is trying to wake us all up.

Survivor Of Jihad Issues Challenge To Muslim-Americans



Anonymous maverick73 said...

It is nothing short of an up-hill battle. Yet, if more people like her in the muslim community - inside the US - stood with her on this issue...anything could happen.
I doubt it would change anything outside the US - except maybe in Canada - for the better though. The muslim majority around the world is too far gone to change, in my opinion.

1/10/06 12:36  

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