Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Notice To DFL Morons:

Your poster child was a murdering criminal who routinely shot people for displaying liberal tendencies.

As we discussed last October HERE and HERE, the idiots on the left are clueless about the true nature of the vile and unspeakably evil Che Guevara. They continue to lionize him... with hollywood asshats sporting tatoos of him, and average, empty-headed youngsters wearing all kinds of "Che gear."

All the things they like to say they are against (and that they accuse the Bush "regime" of) were actually perpetrated by Che and company- undeniably and absolutely. There is not even a gray area here... he admits to being an "executioner" in his own words.

Willfully ignorant they remain.

Anyway, here is a nice reminder in Front Page Magazine:

[[ Thirty nine years ago last week, Ernesto "Che" Guevara got a major dose of his own medicine. Without trial he was declared a murderer, stood against a wall and shot. Historically speaking, justice has rarely been better served. If the saying, "what goes around comes around" ever fit, it's here. The number of men Che's "revolutionary tribunals" condemned to death in the identical manner range from 400 to 1,892. The number of defenseless men (and boys) Che personally murdered with his own pistol runs to the dozens. Imagine Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Son of Sam t-shirts on such as Johnny Depp and Prince Harry. Granted, these last three didn't match Che's murder tally.

"Executions?" Che Guevara exclaimed while addressing the hallowed halls of the UN General Assembly December 9, 1964. "Certainly, we execute! " he declared to the claps and cheers of that August body. "And we will continue executing (emphasis his) as long as it is necessary! This is a war to the DEATH against the Revolution's enemies!"

There's a lot more... go and read it so you can understand the true nature of the left's condition.

Che Guevara: 39 Years of Idolatry


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