Saturday, November 25, 2006

Reverse Racism...

- still racism.

Here we see moonbattish moral equivalency at its finest, as this writer compares "Kramer's" use of a racial slur to O.J. Simpson's circus of depravity.

She magnanimously admits that the O.J. thing was "tasteless," but just in case you think she is actually sane, she also explains her stance on the bigger picture of O.J.'s guilt or innocence. She tells us that she is an "... O.J. neutralist..." and "... to this day, I'm not sure whether he did it..."

Anyone... and I mean ANYONE... who says something like that is not to be taken seriously at all. Sorry, lady... you're a dishonest, race-baiting idiot... and you remain a big part of the problem.

Anyway, please read it to see what passes for intelligent discourse at the la times these days.

The O.J.-Kramer Discrepancy


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