Tuesday, December 19, 2006


LtCol North does what the old media does not... he goes to the streets of the battlefield and tells the warriors' stories.

Here is a good one:

[[ RAMADI, Iraq.

"We're here to win." That's how a U.S. Marine corporal put it when I asked him what he was doing in Iraq. He spoke looking squarely into our TV camera -- a more intimidating experience for him than the rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) fire he had just faced on the streets of this beleaguered city. When I pressed this 20-year-old from America's heartland to tell me what "winning" meant to him, he was straightforward: "That's when these people don't need me to guard this street so their kids can go to school -- when they can do it themselves."

The young corporal and I stood outside a small elementary school in this shattered capital of Iraq's largest province. Al Qaeda terrorists had told local authorities -- on pain of death -- not to allow this female academic institution to unshutter its doors. Apparently, little girls learning math and science significantly threaten radical Islamic jihadists.

Please go and read it all.

Winning The War



Blogger warhorse said...

Hmmm ... things must be going fairly well if paying the Iraqi army and police is allowed to become a major concern ... :-)

19/12/06 14:05  
Blogger kmg said...

Yeah... how about that?

20/12/06 06:42  

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