Friday, January 19, 2007

The Crocodiles Are Crying Again

Okay, here is one sure to peg the old irony meter.

[[ The plot of the hit Fox drama “24” may make for exciting television, but Muslim groups fear their representation as terrorists does more than entertain - it vilifies an entire religious group.

“I think that TV has quite an effect on how people think,” said Nadeem Mazen, past president of the MIT Muslim Association. “So much of what we hear on Muslims is hearsay - an expert opinion by people with a personal agenda and not necessarily motivated by truth. And then a show like this comes along that perpetuates the ‘them’ factor.”

(WARNING: there is plot information about the show at the following link's destination, so don't read it all if you haven't yet seen the season premiers.)

muslims Voice Concern Over Terrorism Portrayal On Fox's '24'

"Not necessarily motivated by truth." The "them factor." Hmmmmm...

How about THIS?

Go ahead and try to count how many times the "holy men" in these clips use the words "they" and "them"... seriously, go ahead (also, don't even bother trying to count how many times they call for overthrow and violence).

Nadeem is partially correct... there certainly is a "them" factor-- but it is coming FROM the religion of peace, not at it.

HERE is a good post on the subject from LGF.


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