Friday, January 12, 2007


Dear Lord... you don't suppose those evil Bush tax cuts could have actually worked???

[[ The federal deficit has improved significantly in the first three months of the new budget year, helped by a continued surge in tax revenues. ]]

Yep, that's right. It says a "surge" in tax revenues... from corporations. You know, the rich ones that supposedly are paying less taxes because of Bush/Cheney/Halliburton.

Very hard for people to understand, I guess... but we'll try again. You see, when you cut our taxes, we have more of our money to spend... and tax revenue from all that goes back into the economy. Simple, right? Now, if those evil corporations kept all their money in big bags and just swam around in it all day like Scrooge McDuck, then I would agree with the liberal fools. The problem with their theory is, though, that the corporations DO NOT sit on their money... they REINVEST it.

Sorry for preaching to the choir... this is just one of those areas that are very frustrating to me. Tax cuts are NEVER a bad thing. NEVER.

Deficit Falls To Lowest Level In Four Years



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noone will be told about this so it won't matter kmg. As long as the Democrats are controlling the media and the government we will continue to be lied to and taxed into poverty. Nice try though.

13/1/07 10:18  

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