Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year, New Grind

Greetings, everyone. I hope that you all had a great holiday season... I know I did. Family, friends, music, food, football... wow, we have many blessings in this world, don't we?

I was not able to comment on some big ticket news items while I was away... but I don't think my words were missed too much. I really (really!) appreciate my eldest daughter's able pinch-hitting. She is a very busy person and I know that any time she spent here took away from something else. Anyway, thanks a million, Sis!

I created this site on 28 July, 2005... and we are now at 1,070 postings. That is incredible to me. This started with my middle daughter and I deciding to try to put our voice out there to speak for what we know to be right... and now, it has become a part of my daily life. Crazy.

Having said that, I must follow it by announcing that I will be posting less in the coming months. I have started on a new book recently, and I am obsessed with it... and I absolutely need to spend every free minute I get (and those are mighty rare, let me tell you) on it. I am trying to write at least a chapter per week... and that is no easy task for someone with an insanely busy job and a big family life. Anyway, I will do what I can on this site- at least a couple of times per week... and I know that the Liberal Pounder will step in whenever she can (right, Sis?). I would also welcome any of our regular readers who wanted to send me something to post. You all know the flavor of our site... and it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what kind of stuff we like to post. Keep it in mind...

Okay, back to life now. Thank you a million times over for caring and being a part of our site. Those of you who read but never comment are also very valuable to me. Keep the emails coming and I'll write back when I can.

Semper Fi,




Blogger Suzi said...

I am glad you weren't announcing you were giving up entirely. I can wait out a few slow months.

7/1/07 20:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job,Marine.

8/1/07 14:03  

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