Monday, February 05, 2007

Ah, The "Enlightened" Elite

Okay, once again the Europeans are proving themselves to be on the cutting edge of... well, of murder, frankly.

These are the people our liberal elite idolize. These are the people whose systems proudly feature sky-high taxes, sky-high welfare (Hmmm... I wonder if those two go together?), sky-high abortions, and "anything goes" social codes. In addition, they are being taken over from within by hostile muslim cultures who make them retreat from their rights while crying "tolerance."

Well, all of that is not good enough. They had to top themselves... and now they have. Now, their evil death cult laws (and no, we're not talking about sharia law this time) are being expanded to include "helping" mentally handicapped people to die. You know, the "enlightened" assisted suicide thing that the left seems to think is quite trendy.

This is the same mentality that leads people to abort a baby because it may have Down Syndrome... or to kill it if it is born handicapped. They also want to help kill you at the end of your lifetime... they have no tolerance for the old and weak.

Anyway, they are really pushing the envelope now. Here's one to shiver the old timbers:

Swiss May Expand Death Laws To Include Mentally Ill

These are the people we are to emulate...?

I think I'll pass.


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