Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Inside The Moonbat Legions

Here is a great piece in Human Events on the recent "peace" protest. I honestly believe that most Americans know that this is what these idiots are really about... and that is why no one except for the old media takes them seriously.

They definitely weren't expecting over 30,000 regular Americans to show up for the Gathering of Eagles... that certainly put a monkey wrench in their show and prevented them from defacing the Vietnam War Memorial and other monuments.

Anyway, please read and share, share, share!!

Power To The People

After you read that, please check out these photo shows... scroll down to see all the pretty pictures of the ULTRA Deranged Far Left. Hang on to your sanity... it is a rare commodity in there!

(You get extra points if you can name a recurring theme of these losers-- hint: they have several, but one or two are most prevalant.)

First, from Zombie (and nobody does it better):

San Francisco Moonbats Are Still The Wackiest Of Them All

Now, to the Modern Conservative:

Moonbats In Full Bloom

Finally, in Portland, Oregon, we see them giving their full measure of support to the troops:

"F_ _ _ The Troops"

I'm getting a headache... anyone else?



Blogger saj said...

"Apparently, A.N.S.W.E.R.’s position is that the Jews should be driven into the sea, while UPJ, being slightly more moderate, seeks to convince the Jews through peaceful dialogue to throw themselves in."

That line had me laughing out loud! How true, how true.

20/3/07 07:21  

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