Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ah, The Religion Of Tolerance

Here is islam doing what islam does best: seeking to kill anyone and everyone who "offends" it.

Hanging Urged For Playboy Editor

Don't think that Playboy magazine in Indonesia is anything like it is here. Oh, no... the pictures that got this man in such hot water with the muslims were not even of naked women.

[[ A prosecutor told the South Jakarta District Court that Erwin Arnada oversaw photo shoots and selected revealing pictures of female models in underwear, some showing partially exposed breasts.

"The models also had inviting expressions on their faces," said Resni Muchtar, calling for the maximum sentence of 32 months in prison.

"Inviting expressions??" Geez...

Oh, well, at least they are still more tolerant than the global warming crowd.



Blogger HECIII said...

i object here!

that guy that read that story is reading forbidden stuff;
can we hang him publicly?


14/3/07 20:26  

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