Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Please Take The Time...

...to watch this clip.

Courtesy of Hot Air, it is of a UPI reporter who has seen the truth in Iraq. It is impossible to ignore the powerful message she presents.

UPI Reporter Gets Emotional Over Iraq

This is what happens when they stop drinking the kool-aid, get out of the Green Zone, and see for themselves what is happening.

Good for her...

***** UPDATE *****

Thanks to Warhorse for tipping me to the faulty link. Here's a new one:

UPI Reporter



Blogger warhorse said...

er ... I'm getting a "File not found" error when I follow the link ...

13/3/07 15:41  
Blogger kmg said...

Thanks! I think I got a good one on there now.

14/3/07 04:56  

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