Friday, March 09, 2007

Mr. Happy Sunshine Speaks Again

Here is well-known madman, and fashionable international playboy, mahmoud ahmadinejad, making another one of his famous "jokes" about wiping Israel off the map.

Crazy Tyrant Says Israel Soon To Die

What's that? He wasn't joking?? But... I thought all the liberals loved this guy...?

If he's so bad, then why did Diane Sawyer suddenly abandon her "feminist" ways and become a subservient and quietly submissive little lamb when she went to talk to him and the other crazy dictator?

Surely you're not going to tell me that a liberal newswoman would stoop to such shameful behavior for a tyrant who is evil?

Come on... stop being so black and white. Look for the shades of gray...

After all, Diane told us that he likes to cry a lot because he is so sensitive.

See? He's just like us!


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