Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ready For hillary-Care?

This is just a very (VERY) small sample of what we can expect when the liberals institute their vision of national health care.

Patient Forced To Leave Bed In Middle Of Night

There are countless, endless, infinite numbers of horror stories of medical nightmares from all of the "enlightened" countries that have nationalized (socialist) health care.

That won't stop our intrepid liberals, though... no, sir! They will continue on until they have forced upon all of us what is best for us.



Blogger saj said...

Social Security is in danger from government waste, fraud and mismanagement, medicare and medicaid are in danger from government waste, fraud and mismanagement, FEMA is a joke from government waste, fraud and mismanagement and ignorant liberals want to let this same government run our health care system???? The US Comptroller is going around the country warning about the impending disaster of our entitlement programs. Is anybody listening? Hello? Are these people on drugs??!!

Don't even get me started about the fraud and waste involved in welfare!

This is a quote I got in an email today from the Family Research Council:

"A small-scale experiment in government-run health care created by Senator Clinton in post-9/11 New York City illustrates one of the risks we are facing: the average wait for elective medical services grew to four months and her funding request exploded from $12 million to $1.9 billion in just five years."

Hello, hello... is anybody out there paying attention? Does anybody read the Canadian newspapers or the European newspapers?

Please check out this link. It's totally worth it:

8/3/07 09:24  

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