Thursday, March 01, 2007

Watch Out Ronald...

...the Brits are coming to get you!!!

Here is a nice story of big brother government taking care of the little people. In fact, this is the kind of fairy tale that our own American liberals love very much. The details change, but the story itself is as old as liberalism.

Here's the gist of it:

1) Something the people are doing is thought by the elite to be bad and/or unpleasant.

2) The elite make rules and laws banning the bad/unpleasant thing, forbidding the people from doing it anymore... for their own good, of course.

Problem solved. People saved from themselves by big brother government. Everyone happy.

Except the people, of course.

Prince Charles Wants To Ban McDonald's

Can I get a HOORAY for socialism??



Blogger saj said...

What a maroon! So if you ban MacDonald's, do you also ban Wendy's, KFC, Roy's, Taco Bell, etc.

I mean, get real!

1/3/07 09:43  

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