Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh, hollywood...

...where would we be without you?

This one is just in time for the Academy Awards weekend.

Every once in a while, you come upon something that just makes you stop and stare... you know, like if you saw a toddler trying to operate one of those big boom cranes or something like that.

The total cuteness of the child just overcomes a lot of us... so much so that we fail to see how dangerous they really are as they swing that giant crane around-- especially since they have NO IDEA how to control it. Then, after they have destroyed a few city blocks, we still pat them on the head and give them candy because... well, because they are do darn cute!

The child is hollywood.

The boom crane is their political opinions.

The candy is us continuing to worship them even after they open their quiche-holes and spew their inane lunacy.

Here's a true gem of an example. No, it's not made up... she really said it, and so did the other ass-clowns who are quoted near the end.

Come on, no one could invent stuff this good!

Charlize Theron's Cuba



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