Monday, February 19, 2007


Pardon me if I don't just automatically believe you, Senator... but I am listening.

McCain Stresses Conservative Issues

Looks like John is trying to get back to the roots... I just wonder if we can ever get over things like campaign finance reform and the "Gang of 14."


Yeah... that will be very tough to get over.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gunny, you need to make a title for these new comments that you make or they won't be indexed by the google spider in an orderly fashion.

as far as MCCain,
i dont' think i want him in the white house.
i want a new face, but a conservative one too.

no more old folks
younger ones with no controversial associations either political or religious,
or in business.

no left wingers or greenparty types or socialists need apply.

20/2/07 04:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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