Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hey, Barrack!!

You're nothing but a socialist piece of s*** who wants to see America lose the war.


Did I say that? I didn't mean to. What I meant was: politicians are actually good people who care about us and our country. They are not in it for themeselves in a mad grab for power.

Yeah. How do you like that, Senator? How do you like it when someone says what they really think and then tries to take it back with a lame, halfway "apology?"

obama Says Military War Dead Are "Wasted" Lives - Then "Apologizes"

Try not to choke when you read how he tries to back out of the hole he dug. It's the old mantra of: "we support the troops, because they're ignorant pawns of the evil neo-cons."

I would have respected this deranged liberal more if he had stuck to his opinion. We all know that is how he really feels. Now he is a deranged liberal AND a filthy hypocrite who won't even stand up for his own convictions (as if he has any real convictions).

I fervently wish that more Americans would be paying attention to these clowns. When they let their masks slip and reveal their true selves, it is a chance for us all to see them for who they really are. It goes away quickly, though, because the media is one hundred percent in their corner and will do anything to help cover up any blemishes.

Augh. I am disgusted beyond words at this.



Blogger saj said...

Obama is like every other spineless politician who speaks with a forked tongue.

The thing is he really does feel like their sacrifice is "wasted." He just doesn't have the balls to say he meant what he said. Sort of like all the other forked-tongued politicians who want to cut off funding for the troops but don't have the nerve to do it. THEY'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FRIGGEN COWARDS!!!

13/2/07 09:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell yes! You speak for me saj!!

13/2/07 09:18  
Blogger HECIII said...


take a deep breath.

he just wants to live the life of luxury for a two year period and have his fifteen minutes of fame like all the rest of them.
he couldn't possibly expect the nation to hire him as the chief executive.

all the donations he collects will pay for the exorbitant salaries he will pay his wife and kids and other relatives during the campaign season.
and if he writes an instruction that they all have to be dressed a certain way ,,
then they have to go out and buy new clothes,,
so the campaign manager will have to issue a clothing allowance for all of them.

and look at all the travel they get at the expense of DUMMIES that send in their money.

after it's all over,
he can become a paid talking head at CNN.

i wonder if he will make a HAJ TO PLAINS,GEORGIA.

i don't know if that's how you spell "HADJ"

here it is.


of course ,
that would be a "DEMOCRATIC HADJ".

13/2/07 14:36  

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