Saturday, February 10, 2007


The insane phenomenon of the global warming frenzy is reaching new and impressive levels. They are beginning to circle their wagons and pour concentrated fire on anyone who tries to say a sideways word against their "cause." The latest comes from moonbat extraordinaire ellen goodman in the Boston Globe.

She says that to deny global warming is just like denying the holocaust. Now, she doesn't specify whether she's talking about denying global warming itself, or just the part that says that humans are causing it... but we know what she thinks because the implication is very clear, even if the evidence for her view is not.

I'm not smart enough to figure out exactly how much and why the earth's temperature might be changing. I am, though, able to read... and I have read a whole lot of things that point to similar climate changes all throughout the earth's history. I can also see that there is still a big debate in the scientific community over all this. I have also read compelling evidence that any warming is very likely caused by an increase in solar activity... and that makes total sense to me.

Anyway, here is a story on the horrors of global warming:

100 Inches Of Snow In NE - And More Coming

Oh, and here's a nice slideshow and video to keep you warm:

Digging Out



Blogger The Old Man said...

WRT Goodman's column. 23% of college educated Republicans and 75% of college educated Democrats believe in global warming.

What percentage of PE's and science majors? What percentage of ______ Studies majors? What percentage of Phys Ed majors?

What percentage of political science majors?

12/2/07 11:53  

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