Friday, February 09, 2007

Perspective Alert

Hi, I'm back.

Now, I am very sorry for the soul and the family of Anna Nicole Smith-- they all have my prayers (especially the little baby). I am firmly in John Donne's camp, inasmuch as "...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind..."

Having said that, can someone-- anyone-- explain to me why the media is treating this as if a head of state has died? I mean... wow... are we really this caught up in the hollywood circus? Or, as I suspect, is it just the media doing what they do best and exploiting a story and the people involved in order to make us all "care" about something we might ordinarily not notice so much?

I'm not trying to sound cynical at all. In fact, quite the opposite. I believe that most people really do care about one another... and maybe this is how some express it. The media, however, gets no such pass from me. They are jackals and hyenas... and where they are deeply interested in something like this, we had all better watch out.

Anyway, I hope that the innocent little baby will somehow be able to have a good life... although the smart money is that the media-- and all the bloodsucking parasites connected to that family-- will make sure that does not happen.

Well, have I said enough about this story that I started off by saying we shouldn't say so much about?

Maybe I answered my own question... :-)



Anonymous JenW said...

Voyerism. People love a good tragic story. It's human nature and the schlock media loves reporting stuff like this and always have. Unfortunately now in our age of 24 hour news, the line between schlock news and real news is pretty much gone. They are one in the same.

9/2/07 10:12  
Blogger kmg said...

True, JenW... sad, but true.

9/2/07 10:48  
Blogger HECIII said...

before i read your two posts here,
i was just going to say;

that we just don't have anything better to do as a society and we just love to look at other folks who crash and burn.

now the husband of Ms. ZHA ZHA Gabor,Frederick Prinz von Anhalt, says it is his child.

the numb skulls are all over the place with their claims.

9/2/07 22:42  

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