Friday, February 16, 2007

Eloquence Set To Music

This one goes out to the insane, barking moonbat "instructor" from Loyola whom we saw the other day HERE. (The fact that she "teaches" her agenda at a Catholic college is absolutely maddening to me, by the way.)

Hey, Ms. Terpstra: Here are some pictures (with music) of the evil, terrorist mercenaries that you hate so much.

I hope you enjoy it, you filthy, psycho, evil, venomous, pseudo-intellectual, anti-American bitch. :-)

Oh, and be sure to turn up the sound... it is fantastic.

If I Should Die Before You Wake

How did you like that, Ms. Terpstra? Good, now go to hell.

(Thanks to heciii for sending this to me.)



Blogger HECIII said...

those kind of people don't care Gunny.

do you remember not reading the mail first after the chopper dropped off the mail bags on the hill top?

you always smelled for a smell of home.

did you know that the smell memory is the strongest memory?

i remember the smell of blood on gear left behind after they were Med-Evac'd.

17/2/07 03:01  

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