Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ah, History


Never will I understand how the idiot media can be so incredibly wrong so often, and yet still wield so much power to influence uninformed Americans' opinions.

Even after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were the leading cause of us "losing" the war in Vietnam... even after that, people still actually listen to them.

Anyway, remember this oldie? Tet Redux? Even if you do, you should go back and re-read it... it is a good starting point for the following.

Okay, so John McCain says that he is worried about a Tet Offensive type event in Iraq. Then, the idiot associated (with terrorists) press reporter writes in his story:

[[ Tet, a massive invasion in 1968 of South Vietnam by Communist North Vietnamese, inflicted enormous losses on U.S. and South Vietnamese troops and is regarded as a point where public sentiment turned sharply against the war. ]]

"...enormous losses..." ????? That is EXACTLY what the sedionist media tried to get away with back in 1968. (Correction: DID get away with.) Do you get it? They STILL believe their own lies!

The "enormous loss" we suffered was the loss of support from back home because the MEDIA LIED about Tet!!!


HERE is the link to that nonsense.

Now, here is some more useful information about Tet:

The Press And The Tet Offensive

Good Lord... they are going to cost us our country.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

when do we start fighting here?

I'm ready whenever the badasses are.

14/2/07 17:03  

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