Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Honesty Is So Refreshing

From Charles at Little Green Footballs we get this... this wonderful and shining example of what the moonbats really think.

They are starting to become more and more honest about their hatred of the country and our military... and I consider that a big improvement. I mean, really, can we please get past the "we support the troops but not the mission" phoniness? That is positively passe.

Anyway, prepare your blood-pressure medication before reading this one... it's a doozy. Here you go:

Moonbat Professor's Vile Manifesto

Ain't freedom of speech grand?



Anonymous rec said...

Whew.... That is some hate-filled writing right there.

I guess that since I am one of those mercenaries that I can't possibly have an intelligent opinion about the war in Iraq because I am only motivated by the killing of innocent people who refuse to convert to my religion of peace... of wait that's THE OTHER GUYS.... YOU KNOW.... OUR ENEMY.... jeesh get a grip on reality lady.

Semper Fi

15/2/07 20:20  
Blogger kmg said...

You nailed the key, rec... "hate."

That is the bottom line of the left's whole system. It is built on, and perpetuated by, hate.

Amazing how much they have in common with the jihadis, eh?

16/2/07 06:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's the same spirit.

16/2/07 16:56  

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