Friday, February 23, 2007

Guns Are Bad!

If you don't believe me, just ask a fourth grader.

4th Grade Settles Gun Control Debate

I really like this writer... he injects a healthy dose of sarcasm just where it is needed.

Viva La 2nd Amendment!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mailman and others are disturbed that i am seen with a holster on my right hip with a gun in it when I'm outside walking around.

that's if i don't have a jacket on,
because when i have a coat or jacket on it is under the outer garment when I'm even at the local Elmer's having pancakes and bacon and eggs for breakfast.

it's a GLOCK model 27 in S&W .40 caliber and i load it with Federal Corporation Hydra shoks.

my mail man said something about it recently and i reminded him that it was not too long ago that the Chief of Police Cited me for catching A BAD GUY coming out of my neighbors house with my neighbor's wife's diamond ring that she left on the dresser because she had hit it on something and didn't want to wear it until she had a jeweler check the stone's setting to make sure it would not fall out.
and he broke into the gun cabinet a took out a 7mm Rem. Mag long rifle that Ryan uses to take his Elk every year that has a 3-9x scope on it and was coming off the property with it wrapped in a child's blanky when he saw me at the end of my driveway with the two girls heeling at my right and left side , he must have seen my Uncle Mikes Cordura nylon holster 'cause he turned to his left and told the girl with him to start running.
they tossed the gun wrapped in the blanky into the bushes at Leo's old house that the Larsen's bought and ran north on 7th street to get away.
i called and made the report and had to read the riot act to the emergency services bunker operator to get me a beat cop to my location because this is where it all started,

because i told her i was no longer a twenty year old Marine chasing North Vietnamese in the Khe Sahn Valley of South Vietnam in the year 1967 and i was not going to chase that guy on foot up seventh street with my Colt .357 in my hand to bring him down.

i went back to cooking bacon for a sandwich for lunch and Dan Brown showed up and i told him to come in, he's one of the sergeant's in the central point P.D.

so i was still cooking and explaining what i had reported and the description again when he got a call on the radio and said,"Let's go Bud, we have a pair for you to identify",
so i told him i had to turn everything off because i didn't want to return to a house on fire and find my dogs dying in it,
so i got it all secured and then we jumper in the car and went up the street next to the local pawn shop and they had 'em,
both exactly as i described it,
i jumped out of the car and SGT.Brown said, "No, don't let them see you !".
I said "I want them to see me, if they come back I can fix this for good with just two rounds".

so i said that's them and they handcuffed them and i went back home to finish my bacon and other cooking.

they were just a pair of dope fiends looking for a way to get another dime of Speed,

Later SGT.Winters showed up with the citation and i thanked her and gave her a hug.

hug a cop if you get the chance,
they spend all day on the streets in grave danger at times.

i retired my old Colt model 2020 .357 Mag. after i got the Glock 27,

it sits nearby so i can reach it in the house if i need it.

i wear the Glock all the time,
i take it out of the holster so i can go to the bathroom and set it in arms reach on the counter top of the vanity.

no home invasions allowed around here.

punitive action will be taken.

23/2/07 20:13  

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