Saturday, February 24, 2007

Religion Of Peace Vs. Women (Again)

Never in a bazillion years will I understand how the enlightened liberal feminists can be apologists for islam. There has never-- in the history of the world-- a system that was more hostile and oppressive toward women than islam. Never.

A year or so ago, I started collecting news stories of various misogynistic actions performed in the name of this "religion." Well, within a few months, I had a document that was almost one hundred pages long. Pleae keep in mind that those were only the stories that I happened to see... and I am absolutely positive that they were only a scratch on the surface.

Here are two current examples of how lovely and rewarding it is to be a woman under the yoke of islam.

Woman Politician Murdered By islamic "Fanatic" (Wait until you see why.)


"Honor" Killing In Britain

Wonderful people, aren't they?

Please remember that there are plenty of liberals and foaming-at-the-mouth left-wing America haters that routinely tell us that we are the bad guys.


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